Michael Emerald's Art Show

Friday, January 19, 2007

EDM Something Sweet

"The Love Letter"
Watercolor, 9x13


Blogger phthaloblu said...

This one is so sweet! I love the colors you chose and the very loose feel. Beautiful!

Blogger platitudinal said...

Oh, how I love her dreamy expression! That smile can only be produced when someone is recalling of something so sweet and dear to the heart.

Blogger Joan Y said...

I love the Marc Chagall feel of this painting. I imagine a violin-playing goat behind the tree. :)

Anonymous Ella said...

I agree with platitudinal: the woman's expression is wonderful. A love letter makes you feel very warm inside and you have captured this feeling very well, especially by choosing these colors.

Blogger The Victorious place said...

I love the way this looks so inviting and warm. Nice colors.


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