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Friday, January 19, 2007

My Second Portrait

"Susan on New Year's Eve"
Hawthorne Inn, Salem MA
Colored Pencil, 9x13


Blogger Casey said...

There's a definite likeness here, judging from the photo. congratulations.

Anonymous melissa said...

I think a photo of susan would make it easier to give feedback. Have you ever tried grid drawing from a photo? The idea is you draw block by block what you see. It takes the focus off looking at the big picture and "naming parts." The eye on the right (her left) seems a little large and not as realistic as the other. Also, as a rule of thumb, try to place the eyes closer to the center of the head. Maybe adding more height to the hair would help bring the eyes down where they should be. Great improvements over some of the earlier portait/figure drawing.


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