Michael Emerald's Art Show

Friday, January 19, 2007

EDM Landscape

"Field of Tulips"
Watercolor, 9x13


Blogger u l a n said...

this is so pretty! =)

ian (ulan25) everydaymatters group

Blogger Christeen said...

I really like how you've gotten such a vast sense of space, and fresh playful feel to this scene :)

Blogger platitudinal said...

A field full with tulips  that is stunning! The tulips may seem to dominate the picture, but what captured me most are the two figures in the midst of the tulip. There is a feeling of tenderness regarding those two.

Blogger BMoon said...

This is a delightful piece of art, Michael. Has a story-telling happy ending feel, like it should be a book.

Anonymous Stacey-Ann said...

The colours and so cheerful and good perspective too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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