Michael Emerald's Art Show

Friday, January 19, 2007

EDM Plug

"Birth of a Nation"
Sepia Charcoal Pencil, 9x13


Blogger Sue said...

I really like your viewpoint on this! And the fact that you included all the wires and the AC ONLY warning. Also, is that a self-portrait?
Keep on drawing!

Blogger Jim said...

Wow, the more I look the more I like this! Two people gazing into the electronic world, set in a small room with perspective only a viewer from the other side could experience. There's an amazing lot of stuff to look at here: and the "plug" kinda says it all.

Blogger Jana Bouc said...

This is really fabulous! I love it. I'm not sure if the title refers to what you're watching but it could also just be a comment on the scene somehow. Fascinating drawing. I like the semi-transparent cord under the rug. And the expression showing in just the eyes that can be seen over the tv.


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